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Joon Gi global Birthday Project

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Joon Gi global Birthday Project

Post by ioana ishogai on Sun Mar 27, 2011 11:09 pm

Joon Gi Birthday Global Project

The project is called "Send our love to Joon Gi" and is about sending a letter, same paper, same content, same color envelope from whole world. The letter will be written in korean and everyone natural language, handwriting, in red envelope.

We can send our love letter using these instructions:

1)Download letter pad that Egar designed from here: sendspace.com 23h4mf
Print this in A4 paper format.

2)Download KR text message ( translated by Miho) from storage site: sendspace.com 0lv619

The file downloaded contain korean message, english message that must be translated in our own natural language and the korean address for sending the letter. Add "Seoul Korea" to the korean address. The letter will be send directly to Joon Gi, at DEMA, by each, from the country where we live.

3) Look at downloaded KR message and copy, hand write on letter pad.

4)write message in your mother language under KR message

5)Put the letter in a red envelope, write address on red envelope and send it.

Everyone who loves him is invited to join. We want to use this to make Joon Gi feel that people love him very much and we are one big, global family, thanks to him.

You can sign the letter with your real name, username from family that you are part of it, is your choice. Do the way you like it. Share this with all Joon Gi's fans, more letters received, more love he will feel :)

Thank you, everyone.
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